World Water Forum

The 5th World Water Forum being held at Istanbul from 16th to 22nd March, 2009 will be discussing various water related problems.

Water is nature's wonderful gift to human beings but its availability will get reduced in the future unless we take action quickly.

Rainforests are being destroyed at an alarming rate due to which our environment faces many problems such as :

  • Raise in global temperatures,

  • Melting of arctic and antarctic polar ice resulting in rising sea water level by 1 metre or more,

  • Melting of himalayan mountain glaciers,

  • Greenhouse effect among a few.
  • Rainforests are also sources of water to the world since they act as a watershed.

    So by destroying the rainforests we produce a few contradictory reactions

  • On the one hand we are cutting off the possibility of the sources of water and

  • On the other we are causing the melting of polar ice which results in generation of huge sea water.
  • By such high sea levels people living near the sea shores around the world face the huge risk of submersion and hence will compulsorily have to move to safer places.

    This will give rise to social disorders and economic confusion for the various affected countries' governments.

    Since water management is a complex subject, the forum will discuss them under 2 issues viz

  • "Providing Water for Sustainable Development" and

  • "Enabling Mechanisms for Development"

  • Six Themes and 24 Topics through

  • Thematic Process,

  • Political Process,

  • Regional Process etc.
  • One of the topics to be discussed in the forum is "Adapting to Climate Change", since the destruction of the rainforests causes climate changes.

    Here is the link for understanding the water related issues :

    World Water Management

    World citizens worried about saving the rainforests will find the discussions in the forum to be very useful and productive.

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