Ways To Prevent Global Warming

When we try to find ways to prevent global warming, we should segregate the sources causing it.

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Some of the causes may be from natural sources and others may be from man made or anthropogenic sources.

If we look at such man made causes of global warming, some of the areas to be focused on by us present themselves easily as follows, since anthropogenic sources include our activities in

  • industry,
  • agriculture,
  • transportation,
  • construction and
  • our day to day activities in our own localities.
  • Hence the ways to prevent global warming can be viewed from what we can do:

  • As individuals
  • As members of a community
  • As part of a corporate body
  • As part of government and non government agencies
  • and so on.

    Whatever work we do, we carry out our actions in a few or all of the following functional areas:

    1. In our career development:

    2. We work in some organization or we do our own business for earning our income. We can think of ways to collectively contribute to find ways to stop global warming or if it is not feasible, to reduce global warming by discussing the matters with our associates, superiors and subordinates.

      Working in an organization essentially means that we should do everything possible to increase the income of the organization.

      We may be working in one of the various operating areas of the organization such as in marketing, materials, research, finance, human resources or production departments of the organization.

      We should find out what the organization’s policies are with respect to global warming issues.

      If we find that the practices followed by the organization cause an increase in global warming,

      1. we should discuss the matter with the concerned persons who can decide on policies,
      2. point out to them that such practices cause harm to the environment, so they are not desirable and try to persuade them to desist from carrying on with such practices.

      If they do not agree to such suggestions, then we can take appropriate action as we may deem fit under the circumstances.

      1. We may try to take a passive stand and resign from such an organization and find our job in another environmental friendly organization or
      2. we can take an activist stand against the organization by bringing their practices and policies to the notice of the appropriate authorities, write to newspapers, magazines and other media.

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    3. In our financial development:

    4. We are constantly making efforts to improve our financial conditions by various ways such as investment planning, saving and so on. We can try to find our ways to prevent global warming in this area also.

      In trying to improve our financial position, we try to increase our assets and reduce our liabilities.

      While doing so, we should exercise great care to invest in stocks of only such successful and profit making companies, which are working to stop global warming and dispose of all the stocks of those companies which carry on with harmful global warming practices, even if they are successful and profit making companies, if we do trading in stocks.

      We can also think of making donations to different reputed organizations, which work tirelessly for the preservation of rainforests of the world and who have the experience in thinking through the ways to prevent global warming in various ways and executing such plans to perfection.

    5. In our family development:

    6. We have our family and we have our priorities as a family. We can think about how to prevent global warming as a family.

      If we have school going children, teach them about environment, pollution and conservation issues and the ways to prevent global warming.

      Find out whether their schools have campaigns for bringing out such issues to the notice of the community as regular on-going programs. If so, take an active part in such programs.

      If they do not have such programs, try to discuss the issues with the school authorities and try to bring out such programs for the benefit of the community from time to time.

    7. In our social development:

    8. We live in a society, we can think of joining together with the other members of our community and try to find ways to prevent global warming so as to improve the quality of life of the community as a whole.

      We can plant trees in our neighborhoods along with the other community members. Such trees should be area specific.

      We can think of planting a variety of trees, some for the purpose of giving enough shade, some for the purpose of giving fruits, some for the purpose of improving the scenic beauty of the locality and so on.

      Trees absorb Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, give back Oxygen to it and reduce greenhouse effect, since Carbon Dioxide is one of the gases responsible for producing greenhouse effect, which are ultimately responsible for causing global warming.

      But such tree planting must be properly planned and executed so as to get the maximum benefit. To get a proper idea of how to do tree planting in a systematic way, it will be a good idea to learn from United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Having taken part in such a program we can make an on-line pledge and have the satisfaction of making a responsible contribution to our society.

      Click here for brief details: Plant a Billion Tree Campaign of the UNEP

    9. In our educational development:

    10. Our education does not stop with getting a college degree, it is a life long process. We can continuously learn about the status of the world in which we live.

      We can read with an open mind and try to understand the views expressed by scientists, conservationists, opinion leaders and others on the subject for and against and find out our own ways to prevent global warming by taking suitable action.

    11. In our religious development:

    12. We may or may not believe in god, we may or may not go to the church or other religious institutions, but we can browse various religious texts to find out whether they provide us some insights on this topic.

      In general all religions tell us to be frugal in our habits, to be compassionate for the needs of the fellow human beings, reduce our needs and so on.

      In our modern world, all such advice will be very difficult to follow in toto, but surprisingly, some of the religious advices on reducing our needs are in harmony with advices/suggestions provided by concerned conservationists to safeguard our planet earth.

    The above are some of the ideas we can think of. If we start looking into all the areas of our activities, we can find out the various ways to prevent global warming.

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