Sedentary Lifestyle & Our Health

Sedentary lifestyle has become the modern way of living for humans around the world, whether in the developed countries or developing countries.

People everywhere are showing increasing preference to carry out their day-to-day duties without any physical activity.

In their work environment more and more people suffer from severe “computeritis”, meaning they are sitting on a chair in front of their office computers throughout the day.

They do not want to get up from their chairs for as long a time as possible. In other words "No Time" for giving the body even some minor workout like stretching their muscles or joints.

After they reach homes they are so “tired” after doing so much office work that they have very little motivation to do any work involving physical activity or exercise.

So they continue with their habit of sitting - this time in front of their TV’s for a change and watch some news channels or sporting events or entertainment based programs.

If they are not inclined to watch TV shows, they may perhaps read some magazine or a book till it is time to go to bed.

But children must be better than adults in this respect, correct?

May not be.

The moment they reach their homes from school, they switch on their TV sets to watch games and other entertainment based shows.

They perform all their “activities” with their fingers on the remote buttons of their TV’s for the rest of the day.

What about the mothers?

They must be definitely knowledgeable about the fact that children need to have a lot of physical activity to maintain their health and to keep minds sharp.

Well, they may be knowing it, but when children are allowed to run around the house it is chaotic time for the moms which they wish to avoid.

Hence, they look the other way when their kids are busy with their remote buttons, so that they can continue to do their own work in peace and without disturbance.

They might have left their day jobs to take care of the kids at home and may be busy earning some useful income by doing work from their homes.

Perhaps running a web based business?

Such Work At Home Moms need peace of mind for doing their work.

Needless to say, they may have their own methods of leading a sedentary lifestyle.

Currently scientists, governments, political leaders, administrators and concerned people are worried about global warming and its harmful effects on us.

Various suggestions are given to reduce our contribution to the addition of carbon dioxide by readjusting our ways of life.

Commuting to the office and back home adds a significant percentage to the emission carbon dioxide and other noxious gases to the atmosphere.

Therefore, people are encouraged to work from their homes as much as possible, with the result that many people prefer to sit on their chairs in front of their home computers or work on their laptops from their beds.

In one respect, we go green by doing our work from our homes, but in another respect, it is perpetuation of a sedentary lifestyle.

Lack of physical activities result in various health problems like diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, obesity, osteoporosis, depression and other problems.

Hence people should learn to keep themselves healthy by having a basic minimum amount of physical workout every week.

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