Rainforest Monkey

  Howler Monkeys, Squirrel Monkeys and Spider Monkeys are some common rainforest monkey names.

But there is such a huge list of their categories, classifications, families, species etc as to make it both very confusing and interesting at the same time to understand them.

Animals in general can be classified in hierarchies starting with the name "Domain" at the top of the classification ladder or chart, whose scientific name is Taxonomic Classification.

There are different domain classification systems which are generally looked up to.

One is a two domain system in which the domain names are:

  • Prokaryote Domain
  • Eukaryote Domain

Let us try to understand the hierarchy of this system by looking at the following chart :

Hierarchy Rainforest Monkeys Classification
1. Prokaryote Domain
2. Eukaryote Domain

These Monkeys belong to the Eukaryote Domain.
They have Multicellular Organisms
Eukaryote Domain consists of 6 Kingdoms
1. Protista
2. Archaebacteria
3. Eubacteria
  4. Fungi
5. Plantae
6. Animalia
Animals and humans belong to the animalia kingdom because of several commonalities between them.
They both start as embryos and later develop into bodies with tissues, muscles, limbs, digestive chambers and so on.
Groups of
animals with Vertebrates
Divided into : 3 Sub Phylums
1. Urochordata
2. Cephalochordata
3. Vertebrata.

The Sub Phylum is divided into:
Infra Phylums and Super Classes.
Under the Sub Phylum Vertebrata, there is a Super Class Tetrapoda, which means four legged vertebrates, we get the Series Amniota, meaning amniotic egg. This branches into different classes, one of which is Mammalia.
Vertebrate animals characterized by the production of milk in females for the nourishment of the young.
One of the Orders is Primate, which consists of 3 groups
1. Prosimians
2. New World Monkeys
3. Old World Monkeys & Apes.

These are again divided into
Sub Orders and Infra Orders.
Family Super Families and Families of Primates from Sub Orders & Infra Orders.
Genus Name of the Organism
Species A genus is a basic unit & contains one or more Species

There are 4 New World rainforest monkey families which are:

  • Aotidae
  • Atelidae
  • Cebidae
  • Pitheciidae

Let us have a look at the Taxonomic Classification table below showing a brief list of the categories:

      Taxonomic Classification  
1 Domain   Eukaryote  
2 Kingdom   Animalia  
3 Phylum   Chordate  
4 Class   Mammalia  
5 Order   Primate  
    Prosimians New World
Old World Monkeys & Apes
    Aye-ayes Capuchins Baboons
    Galagos Howler Monkeys Colobus Monkeys
    Indris Marmosets Drills
    Lemurs Muriquis Guenons
    Lorises Owl Monkeys Langurs
    Pottos Sakis Leaf Monkeys
    Sifakas Spider Monkeys Macaques
      Squirrel Monkeys Vervets
      Woolly Monkeys  
6 Family   4 Families  
7 Genus   Several genera  
8 Species   Several species  

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