Rainforest Adventure and Ecotourism

The best way to learn about rainforests is to undertake rainforest adventure trips.

The word adventure can be interpreted in several ways:

  • Thrill
  • Excitement
  • Enjoyment
  • Enterprise
  • Danger
  • Risk
  • Hazard

  • and so on.

    The rainforest adventure trip may contain many of the following activities:

  • Sea and river kayaking
  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Snorkeling
  • Canoeing
  • Researching trees, plants, vines, shrubs and fruits of the rainforests
  • Looking out for and photographing wildlife
  • Visiting wildlife reserves
  • Interacting with the indigenous rainforest people
  • Fishing
  • Camping by night and so on.
  • Most of these activities produce thrill, fun and excitement, which we do not experience in our day-to-day lives. But some of these activities may turn out to be dangerous unless we are careful and knowledgeable about them.

    What is the difference between regular traveling within our own countries or to other countries and rainforest adventure trips?

    Adventurous and travel minded people always like to :

  • Go on tours of other countries or
  • Go to those areas within their own countries with which they are connected or
  • Which hold importance in their lives for different reasons.

  • The primary purpose of such visits will be to spend some memorable time either as a vacation trip or on some important events and to have a different experience, which they would like to cherish for the rest of their lives.

    Except for a minuscule minority of the population, people will not like to take risks of any sort simply for the purpose of some enjoyment or entertainment or thrill when they venture out on such trips especially to foreign countries.

    They would like to check such factors as :

  • Whether it is safe to travel to these countries,
  • Whether there will be any health hazard,
  • Whether the other countries’ people are friendly and hospitable and so on.
  • But a few people are always on the look out for some ‘out of the world’ type trips, while even a few safety-seeking travelers may like to venture out on some ‘unknown’ type of travel experiences occasionally.

    Rainforest adventures offer the answers to both the types of travelers.

    Tropical rainforests are homes for millions of different types of plants, animals, birds, insects and also forest dwelling people.

    Conservationists are alarmed over the fast depletion of world's tropical rainforests over the past few decades. If the destruction of the rainforests continues at the current pace, the different rainforest species will find it difficult to survive.

    That is, if the area of rainforests goes down, the numbers of all the related species also go down.

    So, the question is:

    What action should all the concerned citizens of the world take in the matter?

    Especially those who are thinking of undertaking a rainforest adventure trip?

    Answer : Learn Ecotourism.

    What is ecotourism and how does it differ from normal tourism?

    Ecotourism is a concept of undertaking rainforest adventures with certain guidelines, such as not causing any damage :

  • to the natural resources or
  • to the local people or
  • violating their culture and so on.
  • In other words, enjoy all the benefits of life by using all the available natural resources in a sustainable and responsible way – with an eye for conservation of the rainforests and leaving sufficient resources for the benefit of the future generations.

    People who are desirous of going on a rainforest trip will do well to learn many issues confronting the rainforests such as:

  • Biodiversity
  • Global warming
  • Climate control
  • Greenhouse effect and
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • There are many certified ecotour operators who can organize tours to different tropical rainforests.

    Such ecotour operators follow the code of conduct for conserving the rainforests.

    People desirous of going on rainforest trips should organize such trips only through such certified ecotour operators so as to follow the guidelines of ecotourism.

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