Let The Masters Teach Us
Their Secrets Of Success

All achievers are masters in their fields and they make use of some common terms such as :

  • Hard Work
  • Ethics
  • Sense of Fair Play
  • Quality
  • Delivering High Value to their customers etc.
  • Let us look at a few of them and try to fully grasp the meanings of these terms.

    1] Tennis Master Roger Federer :

    He was the No 1 tennis player in the world for almost 5 years continuously till now but his ranking has slipped to No 2 presently.

    When asked for the secret of his success in an interview 2 years ago, he replied :

    "Talent plus hard work. One without the other is useless."

    This statement is very rich in meaning. Here we get two parameters :

    Talent and Hard Work.

    But he has not given the combination of each for our understanding!

    Whether it is :

  • 50% - 50% or
  • 60% - 40% or
  • 40% - 60% or

  • some other combination!

    We can understand what he means by talent : he means

    Talent in playing tennis and

    Hard Work in his case

    will consist of finding out all the necessary techniques or tricks required by players to defeat their opponents on the court.

    Knowledge about the types of tennis courts : Clay Courts, Grass Courts, Hard Courts etc, serve and return of serve, ace, shots, volleys, half volleys, top spin, drop shots, sliced shots, overhead smash, lob, speed in covering the court while in play and a hundred other techniques.

    The year 2008 has been disastrous for him. He has failed to win even a single grand slam title : Australian Open, French Open or Wimbledon.

    His misery has been compounded by his early dismissal in the Beijing Olympics also.

    Obviously his talent is slipping now and so no amount of hard work is helping him.

    That goes to prove his own statement that

    one : (Hard Work)

    without the other : (Talent)

    will be useless.

    Let us hope that this is only a passing phase and that he will be able to come out with his usual super abilities soon especially in time to win the coming US Open.

    For understanding the meaning of Talent one has to find the
    Real Values in their subjects.

    2] Investor Master Warren Buffett :

    He searches for Real Values while making his decisions on which stocks to buy or sell and at what times, whether in recessionary times or booming times etc.

    He is not simply satisfied with mere numbers provided by the companies' balance sheets like their :

  • assets and liabilities,
  • their profits,
  • their various ratios etc.
  • He goes much deeper in his studies about the companies' performance by poring over several documents, trying to find out the antecedents of the promoters of the companies, their track records, their management capabilities etc.

    Needless to say such work will be tremendous hard work for him.

    3] Management Master Peter Drucker :

    had mentioned in some article how he and his teacher had to struggle when he was learning to play the piano when he was a kid.

    To play a musical instrument or to become a singer one has to have sense of music such as key, notes, chords, octaves, harmony etc. If a person does not possess such knowledge, hard work of even 20 hours per day will not produce any results.

    Whether or not Peter Drucker had the requisite musical knowledge, the article does not say but he had enough knowledge that his future did not belong in the music world.

    The world is thankful for the same. Otherwise with his hard working norm he would perhaps have become a successful musician known only in his own locality but unknown to the rest of the world.

    But since he understood where he had to search for Real Values in his case, that is, management principles, we had a path breaking pioneer.

    So, what can we learn from such masters and how can we use these terms for our situation is the question here.

    Hypothetical Case Of A Regular Guy

    John, age 45, has worked for almost 25 years as an engineer in different capacities.

    He has writing abilities, which he utilizes frequently to write articles on engineering subjects to various trade journals of the country.

    He gets very good response for his articles and appreciation for his writing style from his readers many of whom are masters in their subjects.

    Apart from different engineering subjects with which he has lots of experience, he has interest in some other subjects also such as :

  • Management, where he does not have a formal business school degree but has undergone a few short term courses offered by various institutes, his own engineering associations etc as also

  • Space Science,
  • Chemistry,
  • Alternative Medicines,
  • Classical Music,
  • Ghosts,
  • Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry and a few others.
  • He has his own blogs where he writes on these subjects, he takes part in discussion forums and makes his posts or replies to others’ posts frequently.

    When people suggest to him that with his writing abilities and his wide knowledge why not start a web site and try to share his knowledge with the other people and also earn some money, he would normally reply that he has not given any thought to it till now due to his hectic life style.

    But in reality he has considered having his own web site to do internet marketing business but has lots of doubts about whether he could succeed in such a venture due to the following reasons:

    Since he is already writing engineering related articles in trade journals where he gets lots of respect he feels that writing for a general web site for the public may not be productive.

    As per his thinking people with engineering related problems will go mainly to the particular trade web sites to get solutions to their problems and will not go to such general web sites.

    Even though he is interested in management subjects and would like to write about them, he does it very cautiously due to his limited knowledge.

    Here the response to his articles is not as high as for his engineering articles since he is not an expert in the subjects.

    In the other subjects like classical music and alternative medicines also the response is still less, where his knowledge is lower than his knowledge in management subjects.

    Hence his writings in these subjects are purely as an interested person since he lacks the knowledge of the masters of the topics. His main purpose here is to gather information as also to make a few suggestions as and when possible.

    As for the other subjects like ghosts, astrology etc they are more or less for unwinding exercises from his hectic life.

    Summarizing all these aspects he used to think that there is no realistic prospect for him to earn anything by running a web site.

    His main confusion has been : "On which subject should I run a web site?"

    According to him running a web site will take a lot of time and require a few software products to take care of the technical matters. Software will cost money, due to which he should have the ability to earn some decent income about which he is not sure.

    Can he succeed as an internet marketer with this background combined with what we have seen above about Real Values, Hard Work, Talent etc?

    If we check his score on them we find that he gets high marks on them.

    He has abundant writing talent.

    He has to do hard work to plan and work on his articles on his various articles. He is putting in quite an amount of time and efforts to do research on his articles.

    He is providing Real Value to his readers and that is the reason he has good response from them.

    Based on these factors how can he succeed as an internet marketer?

    To get an answer, let us see what scientist and one of the greatest masters of our times has to say.

    4] Inventor Master Thomas Alva Edison :

    Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

    If we combine this statement with what Roger Federer has said :

    Talent plus Hard Work, one without the other is useless, we can say that

    If we have 1%

  • Inspiration or
  • Vision or
  • Talent or
  • A spark or
  • Passion
  • then we can succeed in doing Internet marketing business if we can find a suitable software, which can help us do the 99% Hard Work part.

    What if some software firm says you bring in only your B-A-M, which means :

    B – Brain

    A – And

    M – Motivation

    we will do the rest?

    People with passion have used the software Solo Build It! and succeeded beyond their expectations by becoming masters of their niche.

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