Seek The Rainforest Path

Getting introduced to the topic of "Rainforest Path" for the 100 odd people gathered at a school hall was a funny or angry or bizarre experience depending on how they looked at it.

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Because of the way Kathy and Susie introduced the "Chairman" of the "Corporation" to the "Shareholders".

"Here comes the "Wolf" they announced, following which, the "Chairman" walked in, wearing a coat and a tie, to meet the "Shareholders" for the purpose of "presentation of the company's annual report to them, which would have details about rainforests and rainforest paths".

He was about 9 years old and was recently seen by them as "Wolf" and was still in the Wolf's make up!

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9 Years Old?



Did anybody ask him about rainforest path and if so, what was his reply for it?

What is happening?


Because Susie had just made a statement prior to this introduction of the "Chairman", which made a few people get up from their seats and raise their voices in angry protests stating "You cannot paint the industrialists as the villains and the rainforest nations as the innocents just like that. Give us proof", they demanded.

In reply to this outburst of the few persons, Kathy and Susie had made the announcement about the "Chairman" which you saw above.


A week prior to this meeting, many of them met at Dave Richard's house, since they had heard that his wife Mary was behaving in an odd manner.

What sort of odd behaviour and why?

"Because if I tell you the real reason, you will not believe it" cautioned Kathy, a college student and a resident of Dave's neighborhood area, rolling her eyes incredulously.

Her companion Susie nodded her head in agreement but with some concern, casting her glance across the large room looking for Mary, who looked somewhat ill and was slumped on a settee, exhausted and surrounded by some ladies around her.

Lowering her voice somewhat, Kathy said that Mary had been hysterical the past few days as per Dave and prattling about their unborn baby - she was 5 months pregnant.
She had been saying that her
Yet To Be Born Baby was:

         Complaining that:

  • We human beings are very greedy

  • We don't care for the future generations and are bent on destroying the rainforests, thereby choking the earth!


          Ordering her:

  • To search the rainforest path,

  • To Outsource Rainforests to India and

  • To start damage control activities immediately!


  • Unless and until they (Dave and Mary) did something to seek the rainforest path and save the Rainforests, the baby was saying that:

  • It would not be born into this heartless world ever!

The reaction to this was predictable.

"What nonsense?" --- Some persons said in a low voice so as not to embarrass Dave.

Some others echoed it in an obviously irritated manner.

Unborn baby complaining?



Rainforest Path?

Outsource Rainforest to India?

Baby saying it would not be born into this world?

People were puzzled and looked at each other to make something out of it.

"No wonder", they thought, "what we heard about Mary was true. She is quite illogical".

Though a little bit embarrassed, Dave did his best to explain the situation to them.

"Mary has become pregnant for the third time now".

"The first time, she had a miscarriage when she was 6 weeks pregnant and the second time, even after everything was ok and was getting regular checkups, she delivered a still born baby at the 38th week!"

"We were absolutely shattered by this time" Dave literally cried, while holding his head in his hand saying the last sentence.

People tut-tuted in sympathy and some persons began to pat his back in an effort to soothe him.

After some moments he continued "Since then she is scared about pregnancy and delivery".

"She is hysterical, she gets up at all odd hours in the night saying that the baby says this or the baby says that and making me go mad at times, and I have a real difficult time to control myself in an attempt to manage her fears somehow, but how?"

Some people gently asked him:

"But may I ask you what does she mean by saying "Outsource rainforest to India, rainforest path and other things?"

"What is the connection between her present condition and the totally unrelated questions she is posing?"

Dave said heatedly, "That is what puzzles me".

"As you all know, I am an Info Tech (Information Technology) professional and I am totally opposed to outsourcing IT jobs to India or Singapore or Ireland or to any other country for that matter, since we are losing lots of jobs here due to outsourcing".

"I get very upset by such words as "outsourcing", but she has mentioned it several times".

"That annoys me. And I don't understand it".

At this point a young man came forward saying, "Hello, I am Bill Anderson, I am a psychology student. I will be completing my graduation in 3 months' time".

"Let me try to explain the situation to the best of my ability".

"All of us suffer from fears and anxieties in our day-to-day lives, but we quickly recover from them once the situation causing such fears or anxiety changes".

"But if a person experiences excessive fears or severe anxieties or phobias, then such reactions may fall into what we psychologists term them as "generalized anxiety disorders", "panic disorders" or such similar variants".

"People experiencing such anxiety or panic disorders always feel a sense of gloom or that a disaster is likely to strike them suddenly or may be repeatedly. And so, in a way you may say that they are terrorized".

"They always fear that they will get such attacks unexpectedly or at unexpected times or at unexpected places. Due to this they may develop depression also".

"It is not surprising in Mary's case, since she has gone through such intense sufferings due to her two past bad pregnancies".

"So please try to understand that".

An elderly man asked Bill "I can understand all those facts young man, but there should be some connection between her present condition and the thoughts or fears she has been expressing about rainforests or rainforest path lately as per what Dave says. What do you say for that?"

Bill was thoughtful for a few moments and then said, "Many times, panic attack patients have some mental associations with certain events and places due to which they may get such attacks".

After a pause he continued, "Perhaps due to this and in a strange way, she is scared about rainforests and rainforest path due to such mental associations" and he shrugged his shoulders.

While Bill was contemplating about adding further comments on the situation, Susie said, "I can put in some ideas here".

"She must have either read about Rainforest path and related matters or must have heard some people discussing rainforests in the past. So she is expressing her fears now".


"Why should anybody express fear about rainforest paths? It is puzzling," said someone else.

Kathy and Susie said together, overlapping each other in doing so, "It is a big subject and we can definitely explain it, but the important point is that rainforests are the lungs of the world".

"If they are lost, all of us will be put to difficulties. The way the rainforests are being destroyed now, it is a mere matter of 30 or 40 years from now when they will all be destroyed forever. Then nobody will be able to find any rainforest path".

"30 or 40 years?"

"It is a long time from now. Why fear now itself?"

That is when Kathy and Susie asked them, "Is it the right time now?"

"May we meet next week to discuss the subject?" they asked the group.

They agreed to meet the following week to discuss the subject of rainforest path.

That is when the 9 year old "Chairman" would be presented to them.

Click on the Rainforests Discussions link below to meet him.

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