Go Green, Work From Home

By working from our homes, we can help green our planet, since we do not have to travel to our office.

    By avoiding our travels, we reduce the emission of noxious gases into the atmosphere, since it is one of the leading causes of producing them.

Experienced executives have to travel a lot to meet their customers in different locations within their countries and abroad.

Enlightened managements are increasingly becoming aware of the disastrous consequences of global warming due to media exposures.

Many of them are framing new work schedules for their senior executives so that they can carry out their assignments effectively and without traveling much.

Video Conferencing for consultations with their customers is one such method which is being used more and more by several corporate companies for their senior executives.

In the normal course of activities for any business, meeting customers and keeping themselves in personal touch constantly with them is a very important function for senior executives.

Any effort to avoid doing so may mean loss of the chances of maintaining healthy and warm relationship with them and loss of significant business.

But restricting personal meetings to a minimum and for the most important occasions only with proper understanding between the parties will go a long way in our efforts to make this planet an environmentally friendly place.

The customers are equally aware of the importance of finding out the ways to prevent global warming and they will have no objection in extending their cooperation if their needs are met effectively and in a timely manner.

This way they will also have the satisfaction of contributing to the cause of reduction of global warming.

Another area where experienced executives produce significant results is in blogging for their corporations.

Through such blogs:

  • They keep their customers informed about the important happenings in their companies,

  • Make announcements about new developments whether products or services or topics concerning them.
  • Such blog development and management activities can be handled from their home computers by the senior executives by proper planning.

    This may mean that they need not travel to their office once or twice a week depending on the quantum of such blogs, thus avoiding the emission of harmful gases.

    By intelligent planning and scheduling of work, senior executives and enlightened managements can considerably reduce traveling

  • Locally between their homes and offices by cars and also

  • within their countries and abroad by planes
  • thus reducing harmful impacts on the environment and helping making it a green earth.

    Ways To Prevent Global Warming
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