Every Small Contribution In
Greening Our Mother Earth
Is Worth Our Efforts

(Chennai, India)


Is it possible to Grow Trees within your House?

Yes, why not?

The city of Chennai, where I live, has ambitious plans for making it a ”Singara Chennai”! (Magnificent Chennai)

Yes, the parks are getting spruced up. There are lots of innovations for Children’s games at Community level which every park now has. Such being the case, can we not raise some Saplings at House-hold level to imbue in our children and grand-children a sense of pride to grow their own Saplings?

We do it for a project when the school- teacher demands, - for the child to show to his/her teacher. The general practice is to cast away the project once it has been seen by the teacher and a “Sabash” (pat on the back) received.

Is this not similar to casting away the baby with the bath-tub?

Is it not possible to continue growing them after the “Show” for project is over?

Plant is a life-form. Why should you kill a life-form once created?

HOW TO…..?

Raising of a Sapling needs a commitment and a will to continue. The main ingredients are patience and perseverance.

The following items are needed. You should not hesitate to handle soil and manure with your own hands.

1) Empty Milk-sachet (after the milk is used)
2) Soil from Road-side
3) Water (only half a mug for each sachet)
4) A sunny corner of the House
5) A commitment to water the Sapling daily
6) Patience and perseverance
7) SEEDS/ Seedlings
8) Manure/ Compost



Wait for the summer to come down to 33 Deg. Celsius.

Take a Milk-sachet 1 Liter capacity.

Make 4 or 5 Holes at the bottom of the Milk-sachet at 1 inch above the bottom.

Cut the top portion to allow filling of soil.

Fill it with soil and manure mix (1/3rd Soil,1/3rd Manure and 1/3rd sand ), up to 1 Inch below the top.

Seeds are available on the Road-sides freely. Only we do not take note of them as they are too tiny to get attracted.

You can put seeds of your choice some 6 Nos. so that they are buried ¼ inch below the soil top-level.

Water the sachet preferably on alternate days.

After 15 days of regular watering, sprouts will appear out of at least 2 seeds. You should be very happy if more sprouts appear.

Please continue watering on alternate days. On hot days, it is preferable to water daily.

There is an alternative to waiting.

On any monsoon evening, you will find seedlings of Neem (Botanical Name : Azadirachta indica) Fruits, poovarasu Saplings, Thongumoonji Saplings on the road-side. These can also be used instead of the seeds, and you can save 15 anxious days.

Use preferably 1 One-liter Milk-sachet and plant only 2 Seedlings in each sachet. However it is preferable to use one Sachet per seedling

Please continue watering till about 3 Months, when there may be a need for changing the sachet to bigger Garden-Pots or Nursery-covers.

Otherwise, the Saplings do not get enough room to grow and the Root-system does not get nourished properly.


1) You know Plastics are Non-bio-degradable. You have correctly used a milk-sachet, which otherwise would have become a problem child for Mother Earth being “Non-bio-degradable”

2) You will add one tree/Sapling(s) to the otherwise concrete jungle i.e., Chennai (or any other town/city).

3) You have contributed to the concept of Bio-diversity.

4) You have conserved water for planting a tree and used it for an appropriate use.

5) You have created a cooler soil and created a future rain-maker!—arresting Global Warming.

6) You have created a useful pastime for yourself and promoted your own health by breathing more fresh air.

7) You can plant this Sapling in a Park or Road-side or a public place, when it is grown to 3 or 4 feet size.

8) You have the satisfaction of oxygenating the city and provide an additional scavenger for absorbing Carbon dioxide.

9) If you travel to the village-side or a Hillock, then there is lot of scope for planting saplings and making the village/hill greener.

Please plant the 3ft- grown Saplings.

Don’t you think that you are becoming a concerned citizen and a nature-lover in this process?


Chennai (or for that matter, any city) needs about 7 million trees per year for absorbing the air-pollution caused by vehicular traffic and other pollutants.


We ourselves demand Air-conditioned work-places and living rooms, Air-conditioned transport contributing further to Ozone hole phenomenon and Global Warming.

All these essential activities of aftermath of civilization demand some compensating measures at home level and individual level.

Is it very difficult to get any of the 8 items in paragraph “HOW TO…”?

Is the “PROCEDURE” any difficult?

Please participate in this hobby as a family!---- all children and grandchildren together.

Each tree provides self-less social service worth Indian Rs 35 Lakhs (approximately US $ 80,000/-)in its 50 years’ life.

Out of this Indian Rs 5.3 Lakhs worth of Oxygen alone (approximately US $ 12,000/-) -- and you have become a party to it willingly.

Is it not a happier situation?

You can also become a Social-activist with least investment!

"The merits gained by planting trees for the benefit of others last forever."

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