Let Us Observe
Earth Day on 22nd April, 2008

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Each year April 22nd is observed as Earth Day and it symbolizes the collective concerns expressed by environmentalists about the various ills and problems our mother earth faces due to mankind’s actions, some of the problems being :

  • Smog,

  • Smoke,

  • Toxic wastages and industrial pollution,

  • Oil Spills,

  • Acid Rain,

  • Wastage of resources and so on.
  • Prior to the 1970’s such polluters did not bother about the protests of the environmentalists and the press also did not take much notice of such voices of sanity into consideration.


    The reasons were plenty: economic, psychological, political and scores of others.

    But the most valid reason was Inertia...

    ...Inertia among individuals, communities, governments etc

    due to:

    1. Lack of:

      1. Awareness,

      2. Motivation to know the facts,

      3. Laws to enforce penalty if not acted upon etc.

    Sir Isaac Newton, the great scientist of the 17th century gave us various principles about:

  • Matter,

  • Gravity,

  • Force,

  • Velocity and so on

  • – the 3 laws of motion being one set of principles among them.

    The first law of motion is also called the law of inertia and can be stated as follows:

    A physical body will:

    Remain at rest, (read inertia) or

    Continue to move at a constant velocity,

    unless some external force acts upon it.

    We human beings are not simply physical bodies.

    We have our brains and thinking ability, but many times we do not use our faculties purposefully!

    And hence inertia takes over and we fail to take proper action when it is needed.

    After the industrial revolution mankind made huge scientific progress...

    ...which resulted in getting translated to more and more economic benefits to us and

    ...we began to exploit the abundant natural resources for our selfish needs without bothering about how such practices created problems for the environment.

    In other words as per Newton’s first law of motion :

    We continued to move in a straight line...

    [Read] Plundering natural resources

    at a constant velocity...

    [Read] Thinking only about our benefits

    and not worrying about the damages our actions caused to nature!

    All such actions were aided by inertia from governments, which did not enforce any penalties for the offenders!

    April 22, 1970 changed all that - as 20 million Americans took to the streets in a collective protest against all such polluting practices indulged by mankind.

    The external force shaking mankind out of inertia in this case was US Senator Gaylord Nelson, who in September 1969 gave the call for a nation wide environmental protest to be observed during the spring of 1970.

    Since then every year April 22nd is observed as Earth Day not only in the US but in many countries around the world.

    With such awareness being created constantly about the various polluting agents, it is only natural that governments of various countries are compelled to take positive action to reduce such problems as much as possible, if not eliminate them completely.

    Though many of the ills representing the 1970’s such as acid rain have been tackled to some extent, fresh concerns keep cropping up every now and then such as Global Warming currently.

    Citizens of the world have to meet the challenge squarely and hence it is very important for us to take positive action and try to mitigate the problems as best as we can.

    Some of the actions we can take now are :

    Create awareness among different communities about the problems plaguing the earth and how to solve them.


  • Government Officials,

  • Senators,

  • House Reps

  • Legislators,

  • Municipal Officials and

  • other law makers

  • through

  • Personal Meetings,

  • Mailers,

  • Phone Calls etc and

  • Ask them to take positive action;

  • Write letters to magazines and newspapers bringing the offenders’ actions to the notice of the public;

  • Motivate

  • Schools, Colleges and other educational institutes to engage their students to take a proactive role in such positive actions;

  • Plant as many trees as possible etc.
  • We can also buy T Shirts and other gift articles with slogans on them extolling earth day actions needed to be taken by us.

    By exhibiting such slogans prominently displayed on our T Shirts and other gift articles, we can create awareness in others.

    Source : Wikipedia

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