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Liz a successful work-at-home mom with two young kids had just explained the SBI eLearning system of coaching brought out by the developers of Solo Build It! software to some of her friends.

She is running two SBI sites successfully, earning a satisfactory monthly income from them. She is thinking of starting her third SBI site soon.

Her friends make frequent enquiries about her business and she proudly displays her sites to them explaining various aspects of her sites’ themes while cleverly preselling SBI also in the process.

She is excited about SBI’s new initiative of SBI eLearning also and leaves no opportunity to propagate the concept among her contacts as and when she could find the proper occasion.

She had been encouraging her husband George to develop his own SBI site in his spare time for the past couple of years or so but he had not shown any interest in that idea.

Since he was busy in his job as a senior engineer in a multi national company earning a handsome income with bonuses and other perks he did not have much time as such and he felt that he did not have to worry about creating another income generating assignment and working from home.

He was a field man, happy meeting people, discussing projects and trying to solve their problems. He was not happy working at the desk or looking at the computer for long hours, since he did not like the idea of working alone.

But his world collapsed without warning a few months back, reason?

They say that life is C O L O R F U L but when you get the PINK SLIP, you see only

R E D!

Do you agree?

George saw red.

He was shattered by this development since he never expected that such a situation would happen to him. He had lost his job since his company had sunk.

Three months out of job and with his job prospects looking bleak his confidence started nose diving to a very low level. He was getting very frustrated as what to do now. Not that he was not getting new job offers but they were not to his liking.

At such times, he would look into Liz’s sites and start discussing SBI. She would start showing different SBI landing pages enthusiastically to him but he could not come to any decision about his own SBI site.

Liz was getting puzzled. How to get him interested in SBI? She would gently persuade him to try the SBI eLearing route also but to no avail.

The opportunity came without her planning. One day he went out to meet one of his old friends who ran his own management consultancy firm successfully.

That evening when he returned home, he was a changed man. He was actually whistling an old Elvis Presley song “Its now or never” and announced to Liz that he was thinking of starting his SBI site soon, saying that it was “now or never” for him.

In the normal course, Liz would have been thrilled to hear such a decision from him but today she was suspicious. What happened she wondered?

Liz asked him whether he had actually decided to start his own SBI site, he said that he had just started thinking seriously about that but had many doubts. He wanted her to clarify those points for him so that he could take a decision.

Liz was delighted and asked him to come out with his doubts.

Categories of People

He said that his friend talked to him at length and made an assessment about him as a fence sitter. He explained further that his friend categorizes people into ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ types.

‘A’ type of people are business oriented, ‘C’ type of people are not at all interested in business, while ‘B’ type of people are the fence sitters. He put George in this category.

Liz said that she had categorized him in ‘C’ category, since he had never shown any interest in business so far and smiled.

George continued, “While it is easy to convince ‘A’ type of people to start a business, it is a bit difficult to convince ‘B’ type of people, though not impossible” as per his friend. They will need a little more explanation and elaboration according to him.

That's why Liz had trouble in persuading him as per his friend, he agreed somewhat sheepishly!

Among his many methods for achieving this, he uses a mathematical approach also according to George, expressing surprise!

Necessary and Sufficient Conditions

His first explanation for the fence sitting habit of such people is that such people fail the “necessary and sufficient conditions” test required for business people.

Talent, passion, spark of a business idea, enthusiasm etc are necessary conditions for developing a new business but they are not sufficient.

Confidence and perseverance are among the other needed conditions. Even if all such conditions are taken into consideration, they do not complete the number of sufficient conditions according to his friend.

In fact, for developing a new business or growing an existing business there cannot be a finite number of sufficient conditions while there are any number of necessary conditions.

This fact alone gives us the choice of infinite niches for any business.

Example : A necessary condition for a figure to be called a square is that it should have four sides.

Though it is a necessary condition, it is not a sufficient condition, since a trapeze or a rectangle also have four sides but they cannot be called squares.

There are other conditions, which must be satisfied for a four sided figure to be called as a square.

If A, B, C and D are the four points which are joined together to form a four sided figure, the following conditions must be satisfied :

  • It must be a closed figure,

  • All the points must be joined by straight lines and not by curved lines,

  • All the four sides must be equal, meaning AB=BC=CD=DA

  • All the angles must be right angles meaning 90 degrees,

  • that is each of the four angles enclosed by any two sides must be a right angle,

    meaning the angle enclosed by the sides

  • AB and BC must be a right angle,

  • similarly the other angles contained by the sides

  • BC and CD,

  • CD and DA

  • and finally

  • DA and AB also must be right angles.

So even if you have the talent, passion and enthusiasm for business you are wracked by doubts in your mind and so unable to take a decision since you are not sure whether you have all the sufficient solutions for your various business problems.

The next mathematical formula he gave was the comparison of two numbers A and B.

They can be compared only three ways, namely

  • A < B (A is less than B),

  • A = B (A equals B) and

  • A > B (A is greater than B),

out of which only one will be valid.

Say if A = 1 and B = 2,

then only A < B is valid here

since 1 is less than 2.

So if a prospective business man’s efforts can be called as A while the results of his efforts can be called B, the best business will be that which has A < B as the working parameter since in that case he would achieve satisfactory results by putting in less efforts as compared to other types of businesses where he would have to put in much higher efforts.

Liz was getting excited by listening to all these explanations and said, “Wait, wait, I am getting some ideas now. Did you tell him about SBI or does he know about it?”

George told her that he showed him SBI’s few landing pages but his friend did not know about it, since he deals with corporate clients only and not with small business persons. So he could not express any comment about SBI. He also did not know anything about SBI eLearning system.

He continued, “From his talking I got reminded about your infinite niches idea from one of your sales promotions and my friend was talking about that also. Can you make out something from that?”

Liz said snapping her fingers, “Yes. In fact, I was cursing myself why I did not think about what your friend told you.”

“Just like your friend I have studied mathematics in college and loved it. I can give explanations on what your friend has told you. As an engineer you will also not have any difficulty in understanding what I am going to say now.”

Let us take that “A < B” equation first.

Don’t you see that SBI is the obvious answer?

SBI gives all the tools required and you only have to bring your B-A-M,

  • Brain,

  • Attitude and

  • Motivation

to the table so that with fewer efforts you can get highly satisfactory results as compared to other software.

“With necessary and sufficient conditions concept he had told you that it gives the possibilities of infinite niches. Ken always mentions about this in his various messages, newsletters, blogs etc”

Let me give a mathematical explanation for this.

In mathematics, we are given problems to solve. To solve a problem certain conditions have to be satisfied.

Once we satisfy them by the application of proper methods, we can get the solution(s) easily. But if we approach the problems wrongly we will get nowhere or to wrong answers.

Case A

Let us look at a simple equation :

If x + y = 10, what are the values of x and y, assuming that both x and y are greater than zero?

The answers are :

x = 1 and y = 9,

x = 2 and y = 8 and so on,

the values for x and y will range from 1 to 9 depending on the possible combinations to produce the result of 10 each time.

If the given equation is x + y + z = 10, then the values of x, y and z will vary from 1 to 8 only, again with the same assumption that the numbers must all be greater than zero.

Here the problems were simple with only a few parameters and a few interactions between them, namely

1] only addition between the parameters,

2] the parameters being greater than zero and whole numbers or integers only.

If the parameters x, y, z and others are not just integers only but also fractions and other interactions are also allowed such as subtraction, multiplication and division along with addition, then there will be infinite number of answers for the question.

From this we can understand that if the problem is simple, the parameters will be few and their interactions will also be few and hence we can find the answers quickly.

As the problem becomes more complicated the parameters involved will increase, their interactions will become more complex and our ability to find the answers will become more and more difficult.

When we try to sell SBI or SBI eLearning as a 5 Pillar Affiliate or an SBIer, it is Case A, since our problem here is to sell the product, for which we have to find the answers to various questions like any sales person is likely to do.

Some of the questions are as follows:

Where is (are) my prospective customer(s)?

How can I make her/him find me as a 5 Pillar Affiliate or as an SBIer?

If I can't make myself known to her/him, how can I approach her/him without inviting spam complaints?

Once I succeed in approaching my prospective customer(s) how can I convince her/him/them that SBI is the best software for their business success?

Which url(s) will be the most suitable one for them?

How many url(s) should be referred to them for their study? and so on.

The questions can be endless. We shall have to find suitable answers to them to achieve success in selling SBI and making our prospective customers as regular customers.

If we manage to sell SBI or SBI eLearning to them once but they do not succeed in creating their own successful web business in a reasonable time thereafter our purpose will not be served, since their success is our success ultimately.

Does it mean that we should do after-sales service in helping with the creation of their contents also and all other activities to ensure that they succeed?


We just need to go to Case B and find out the few relevant questions pertaining to them, before we put forth our sales pitch to them.

What is Case B?

Mathematics provides us another approach or the reverse approach wherein we are given the answer(s), for which we should find the questions or the conditions, which have to be satisfied or fulfilled to get the answers given.

The answer here is : Our customer(s) is(are) a successful SBIer(s).

Since business is complex with many parameters with many interactions between there are several complexities.

So if we do not look into the proper questions or problems they will have to face to achieve their success with SBI then they are hardly likely to succeed.

Let us assume that 3 or 4 successful SBIers are already there in the topics of your interest namely travel/tourism, birthday parties, recipes, photography etc, let us look at their content mathematically :

  • SBIer A's theme might have been developed by the formula :

  • ax + bey - (c/z)*(k/2) + …etc

  • SBIer B's site might have been developed by the formula :

  • clk - zpx + (d/3)*(ef/5) + …etc

Similarly you can develop your site with some other formula like :

kkz - (cy/6)*4 + yd/3 + …etc

The parameters here represent the various keywords and phrases represented by you in your own unique way.

So the best landing page for you is the Results page of SBI, so that you can study the approaches taken by the different SBIers in the topic of your interest and accordingly develop your approach, present it in your own mode or voice as explained mathematically above. Right?

“But will work out?” George asked her.

Liz said, “Why not, you have lots of ideas on all the topics, SBI gives lots of keywords and keyword phrases from which you can develop your content.”

"So mathematically there are infinite equations by which you can fit in the keywords and keyword phrases."

"But by using logic and your experience you can create a site with very different keywords focussed content pages for your theme."

“But I will suggest that you go for SBI eLearning so that you can concentrate on your contents and leave the worry about developing the business to your online instructor.”

“She or he will hold her/his online classes with 11 other students from anywhere around the world for 12 weeks, guiding you how to develop each module, clarifying your doubts and answering your questions, so that by the end of the course your SBI business is already on the way to success. Right?”

"SBI eLearning is the way to go."

SBI! eLearning

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