Definition Of Renewable Energy

If we ask different people to give their definition of renewable energy, we will get different reactions.

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The common folks would define it perhaps as :

  • Freedom or
  • Relief or
  • Excitement
since they have read so much about :

  • Greenhouse gas emissions,
  • Global warming,
  • Climate change,
  • Fossil fuels etc
that they are expecting to find a quick solution for such uncertainties in the near future.

More importantly they wish to have uninterrupted sources of power at reasonable rates and which do not have any conditions attached to them as currently is the case.

Currently oil has to be imported in most of the countries and such imports leave them with no control over their pricing and other terms.

Oil price has always been subject to variations since the oil shocks of the 1970's.

Since the availability of oil and other such fossil fuels is limited to a few more decades only, the countries exporting them to the other countries will always try to extract the maximum mileage out of them, which puts the consumer countries at a disadvantage.

With renewable energy being possible from :

  • Sun,
  • Wind,
  • Ocean tides,
  • Geothermal

and other different sources, the common folks are hoping to find relief in the near future to find a lasting solution to their power problems.

With solar panels installed on their roof tops, energy can be generated at their houses and it could be connected to the common power grid also.

If they do not consume all the power generated by them then they have the possibility of getting credit from the power utilities for the unutilized portion of the energy generated, which is a positive and motivating factor for them.

It is not the case for the existing methods of generating power from fossil fuels and distributing the same over the grid.

Hence, there is a reason for the excitement of the common folks for renewable energy.

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