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At the height of the American Civil War, a British visitor was talking with President Abraham Lincoln. Rather, he was testing the President's patience with some irrelevant matters and inane comments.

After spending some time with the visitor, the President got up to start dressing up and go to his office to tackle the affairs of the state.

As he was putting on his shoes, the visitor exclaimed, "You are a tall man and your legs are unusually long".

"In Europe the tall people do not have such long legs as you Americans have. In your opinion how long should our legs be?"

The President thought that he had had enough of the visitor, so he stood up and said, "It does not matter whether the legs are long or short".

"They should be long enough to reach the ground, that's all!" and left the room leaving the Britisher roaring with laughter.

That observation of the President is applicable to all facets of our lives especially when it comes to spending time with some one we love. At such times, time flies and it appears to be too short.

But at other times the situation may be quite different, especially when we meet strangers.

If they are interesting people, the time spent with them will remain in our memories for a long time, but unfortunately if they are not interesting people, the time spent with them will fade away soon from our memories. We may not like to recall such times!

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