Plant a Billion Tree
Campaign of the UNEP

"Plant a Billion Tree Campaign" is an excellent project of the UNEP - United Nations Environment Programme.

Plant a Billion Trees in 2007

Under this plan the UNEP encourages people of the world in different capacities - individuals, associations, communities, business organizations, non government organizations etc to plant trees in their neighborhoods.

The objective is to Plant at least One Billion Trees world wide in 2007.

It does not matter whether we plant a single tree or 100's of trees in our neighborhoods - the idea is to spread the word that planting trees today by us is to safeguard the safety and security of the future generations.

Due to deforestation activities the world's forest cover is depleting at an alarming rate every year. Thus tree planting helps in expanding the rate of forestry in the world.

But any haphazard planting of trees will not serve the purpose.

People all over the world are planting trees in their localities as and when needed. While this is good, there may not be a systematic plan in doing this.

People plant trees and they may grow as time goes by, but later on they may cut down the trees if they need to modify their neighborhoods in urban areas.

In rural areas, people may simply cut down the trees for their fuel needs, clearing them for agricultural purposes or for some other immediate requirements without much concern for the future generations.

Hence we need a proper plan of action, which needs coordination.

Let us plant the trees as per the guidelines of the UNEP and let us enter an online pledge in their website.

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