Amazon Rainforest Facts

When we start thinking about Amazon rainforest facts, we get a temptation of calling them as amazing rainforest facts.

Why amazing?

This is due to the fact that they give rise to many elements of human emotions, which will cause amazement to us.

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Most of the human beings carry out their actions based on emotions only instead of logic, as we can find out by researching the Amazon rainforest facts.


Due to this tendency of the human beings, the Amazon rainforests have faced several problems causing concern for the enlightened citizens of the world as the subsequent facts have shown us repeatedly.

We the citizens of the world should act not with emotion but with logic and share the Concern of the conservationists and do our best to save the Amazon rainforests and the other rainforests of the world.

In many situations basing our actions on emotions instead of logic may lead to troubles only, but some times, some surprise results may also come out.

New Land (meaning North and South Americas), Brazil and Amazon River were discovered this way.

Some of the important persons who played a part in this discovery were:

Christopher Columbus,

Vicente Yanez Pinzon and

Pedro Alvares Cabral.

The main emotion of Christopher Columbus was…..


Trade with India and China were prominent in those times – 14th century and beyond and all ambitious people were searching for ways and means to get more and more quick routes to these countries for trade and wealth.

In those times, the traditional route to India was to travel east from the European ports, but Columbus was convinced that by traveling in a westerly direction, the distance would be very much less and thus trade would be more profitable. This was due to his confusion in making the calculations of the distances.

After several attempts he succeeded in getting the Spanish emperor’s backing for his ideas. He went on several exploratory voyages in a westerly direction in search of India and wealth, power and fame.

But what he found were the West Indies islands and North America and not India.

Worse, he was arrested for his ambitions and was put to lot of harassments and court cases.

All due to his confusion, but in a way, it was instrumental in finding the New Land for later exploration and wealth.

Vicente Yanez Pinzon, who sailed along with Columbus was the first voyager and explorer to discover Brazil and the Amazon River, as also the Oiapoque river.

But Pedro Alvares Cabral was an experienced navigator and so he did not have any confusion about the sea routes. He is generally regarded as the first european discoverer of the sea route to Brazil.

Following the discoveries of the New Lands, Brazil and Amazon River in the 16th century, several European explorers - Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italians and Germans went on expeditions to these destinations dreaming about striking gold in new lands whenever they had the opportunity.

Let us see how emotions can bring trouble for the mankind.

Their emotions were clear:

Enterprise, Greed, Anticipation, Fantasy etc

Their misssions were exploitation of the opportunities to get wealth, colonization of the lands, spreading Christianity and their culture and so on. They did not hesitate to engage slave labor to extract the mineral wealth of the Amazon rainforests.

Fantasy: Eldorado

People fantasise about many things -

children dream about their grandmas’ fairy tales coming out true in their lives,

teens about marrying their loved ones and ‘living happily ever after’,

venture capitalists hoping to become billionaires with their dream ventures and almost everyone about good life, great fortune and so on.

That is how the term "Eldorado" came about in the Amazon rainforest – in fact, it was supposed to mean a city made of gold - when Portuguese explorers believed that the new region – North and Central Americas - contained gold, silver and other valuable minerals. But it remained a fantasy, since they never found it.

Francisco de Orellana was the first European to explore the Amazon rainforests during the period 1541-42 following its discovery.

What he found out during such explorations must have intrigued him. He found women warriors fighting along with males in their battles. This prompted him to compare them with the Greek legend Amazons and name the river as Amazon River.

That gave rise to another emotion:

Surprise: Due to Gender equality:

Centuries before the term ‘feminism’ was coined and gained currency in the modern world, gender equality was practised in the Amazon rainforests, when women warriors of the Tapuyas tribe fought along with men warriors in their battle with Francisco de Orellana.

Such exploitation of the Amazon rainforests continued for the following centuries, which resulted in producing another emotion:

Concern of the conservationists.

They are putting up a stiff fight to conserve the rainforests from destruction;

To prevent climate changes;

To prevent the accumulation of greenhouse effect and so on.

Will the battle of the conservationists succeed?

It will.

It is going to be a hard task, but it will not be an impossible task.

But the most important benefit will be that the amazon rainforest facts will remain the most amazing rainforest facts...

...since the world will come to know and understand how systematic action can prevent disaster.

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