African Rainforest Animal

  • Aardvark,

  • Bongo,

  • Bonobo,

  • Bushbuck,

  • Chimpanzee,

  • Duiker and

  • Gorilla are some of the unique African Rainforest Animal names.

    But whenever we hear the name of Africa...

    ...we immediately think of elephants, rhinoceros, giraffe and zebra as the most common animals found there.

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    Let us look at the physical and the behavioral characteristics of these animals.

    Aardvark, Bat, Bonobo, Gorilla are mammals.

    When we consider their sizes, we can find quite a few variations:

    Aardvark – is upto 2 feet in height, weighs upto 150 lbs.

    Bat – is upto 6 feet in wingspan, weighs upto 11 ounces

    Bongo – is upto 4 feet in height, weighs upto 900 lbs

    Bonobo – is 4 feet in height, weighs upto 85 lbs

    Bushbuck – is 3 feet in height, weighs upto 180 lbs

    Chimpanzee – is 4.1/2 feet in height, weighs upto 110 lbs

    Duiker – is upto 2 feet in height, weighs upto 45 lbs

    Gorilla – is upto 6 feet in height, weighs upto 350 lbs

    African Rainforest Animal Meal Types

    Aardvark – Omnivorous, eats termites

    Bat – Omnivorous, eats insects, fruits and flowers

    Bongo – Herbivore, eats plants

    Bonobo – eats fruits, plants, leaves and flowers

    Bushbuck – eats fruits, grass and flowers

    Chimpanzee – eats fruits and leaves

    Duiker – eats fruits, leaves and flowers

    Gorilla – eats plants and leaves.


    Life Range of the Animals:

    Aardvark – Upto 23 years,

    Bat – Upto 30 years

    Bongo – Upto 20 years

    Bonobo – Upto 60 years

    Bushbuck – Upto 12 years

    Chimpanzee – Upto 60 years

    Duiker – Upto 12 years

    Gorilla – Upto 50 years

    Their behavior and defense against dangers

    Aardvark, Bat, bongo - are nocturnal

    Bushbuck – solitary

    Chimpanzees – live in groups

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