Advocacy Needs A Lot Of Planning

When persuasion fails it may be time for advocacy, but it is far more difficult than persuasion as a tactic. The persuaders have to do thorough research on all factors before taking any action.

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Dedicated persons may be working for the conservation of the environment and may like to persuade their contacts in different fields to :

  • Create awareness about :
    • Global Warming;
    • Climate Change;
    • Greenhouse Effect etc
  • by giving them cogent talk on the topics.

  • They would like to impart the information on :

    • What are the problems;
    • What are the causes of such problems;
    • What harms would befall the society;
    • Identification of the parties who are the cause of destruction of the environment;
    • What actions the society or the community members should take to prevent the occurrence of the problems and so on.
  • Hence it will be worth their while to educate those sections of the community who are targeted to be the beneficiaries to understand the various issues thoroughly.

    But there is no guarantee that the listeners will be convinced about the topics or approve the plan of action for advocacy suggested to tackle the problem.

    This can be due to many factors. Many times the offending parties are quite powerful and influential in the society such as :

  • The leaders of certain industries utilizing age old technologies which are known to damage the environment or

  • Influential politicians working in connivance with certain government agencies in preventing the enactment of stringent environment control regulations etc.
  • Hence it is quite likely that the listeners may not like to get involved in taking any kind of action against such parties fearing undesirable consequences.

    In such situations the persuaders may highlight the following factors to their audience :

  • Genuineness of the cause;
  • The need to create mass awareness in the minds of the general public, which may need the support of the mass media like press, TV etc for creating a high impact.
  • If the listeners show a willingness to understand the topics and to contribute their efforts in mitigating the bad effects, it will be worth the effort of the persuaders.

    The next stage of preparations will involve the execution of the plan.

    Unless planned properly this stage may turn out to be a failure.

    Some of the possibilities here are :

    People may give their consent to participate in the action planned on the required day but may not turn up at the last minute or less number of persons may turn up, due to which there will be no impact on the offending parties.


    If the required number of people participate and carry out the action as planned they may face opposition from the offending parties in the form of some counter action from them.

    If the planners had not anticipated this there may be some clash or other unwanted results.

    Hence the planners should try to get as many people in their favor as possible, since participation of a large number of people gives a much needed shot in the arm for the action plan under consideration.

    If the offending parties wish to spoil it by some kind of a counter action, they may lose their confidence when they see a large number of people taking part in any kind of advocacy action.

    Keep certain contingency plans ready in case the situation goes out of control so that there is no danger to safety of the people involved etc.

    From the above it is clear that for advocacy to succeed the proposers or persuaders should have thorough knowledge about all the parameters involved and carry out their tasks in a systematic way.

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    Refer to : Chapters 30 To 35 : Principles Of Advocacy and other related topics.

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