Addictions May Lead To Health Problems

Smoking, alcohol and drugs are among various addictions, to which humans are prone to get afflicted and which may seriously affect their health to the maximum extent.

If we analyze the reasons for such addictions, we will find that there are both physical and psychological reasons for the substances. If such substances are not available, humans may suffer from withdrawal symptoms - which may manifest in the form of insomnia, irritability, craving, depression etc.

This is due to the illusion that the use of such substances gives them pleasure or rewards however temporary they may be.

Due to such illusions, humans begin to use such substances – tobacco (smoking), alcohol (drinking) or drugs compulsively and repetitively thus endangering their health.

The habits might have been formed due to various reasons:

Family background : If the family members habitually drink alcohol due to any reasons – family get together, parties, dinners etc the younger members are likely to get into such habits from their young ages. Similar results may follow in the case of smoking or usage of drugs.

Copying the habits of celebrities : Due to heavy advertising where celebrities are shown smoking or using drinks while performing heroic acts may induce youngsters to blindly follow such acts themselves and such behavior becomes habit forming or addictive. They may start feeling that such behavior enhances their own leadership qualities.

Since the celebrities are crowd pullers or icons, youngsters may erroneously form the impression that by copying their behavior they will also become popular in their own circle of people or community.

Once formed such behaviors become addictive and may be very difficult to discontinue later in their lives even when they start realizing that such behavior is causing serious health problems for them.

Such addictions may hide certain weaknesses in the humans such as having low self esteem –

This might have due to the fact that as youngsters they might have been subjected to suppression of their rights or points of view due to overbearing elders in the family or overbearing peers in schools or colleges or overbearing peers or superiors in their work environments.

Due to lack of self esteem they may not possess enough mental strength to assert themselves and to avoid the perceived humiliations following such situations they might have taken up the bad habits of smoking or drinking or abusing drugs as the case may be.

Whatever may be the reason they may not be able perform their duties satisfactorily.

Worse, such habits affect their health - whether it is smoking or alcohol or drugs.

The health risks due to :

Smoking may be coughing, burning of eyes, throat, respiratory disorders, emphysema, reduced lung function, cardiac arrest, physical exhaustion, increased blood pressure, worsening diabetes etc

Alcohol may lead to brain or liver damage, loss of physical control which may cause danger of accidents while walking or doing regular work, unable to understand and remember things properly etc

Drug abuse may be respiratory disorders, emphysema, reduced lung function, cardiac arrest, HIV etc

Hence, the earlier humans get themselves free of such addictions from tobacco, alcohol or drugs the better it is for their health.

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